Apart from mutiple health benefits, ginger as a skin care product is not a widely known fact. Ginger has many health benefits for skin.  It can be used for  –

1) Blemishes and acne – It is a powerful antispectic whcih can help reduce acne as it kills acne causing bacteria. It is suitable for every skin type . Juice of ginger can be used for acne.

2)Tones the skin – Ginger is a natural toner. It cleanses, purifies and gives a glow to the skin.

3)Anti-aging properties – It helps maintain a youthful skin as it has many anti-oxidants.

4)Skin elasticity – It helps maintain elasticity of the skin. It thus helps to reduce sagging of the skin or appearance of wrinkles.

5)Fades scars – Ginger helps reduce scars by helping to maintain natural skin color or tone.

6)Burns – Ginger helps to soothe burns or blisters.

7)Sun damage – Ginger can undo any skin damage due to exposure to sun.It helps relieve sunburnes skin.

8)Treat inflammation – Use ginger oil for inflammation or irritation on skin. Mixing olive oil would even help.

9)Radiance on skin – Use ginger for skin whitening. Ginger gives an isntant glow. Put freshly cut ginger slices on your skin.

10) Cellulite treatment – Massage ginger oil for reducing cellulite and varicose veins.


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